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Data Classification – The First Step to Securing your Sensitive Data
If you don’t understand what data you have, how can you know what to do with it?

Most information has a certain amount of value – but how much is it really worth to you, your customers or partners? Data classification can help you make sense of your Big Data, without busting your budget. Data classification empowers user communities who create and handle data to assign value to it, in a language they understand, so that informed decisions can be taken about how it is managed, protected and shared. These values are then stored as visual & metadata labels (protective markings) on messages and documents, and can range from as simple as ‘Confidential’ labels to complex national security driven data classifications.

For almost 30 years, Boldon James has been a leader in data classification and secure messaging solutions, helping organisations of all sizes manage sensitive information securely and in compliance with legislation and standards, in some of the most demanding messaging environments in the world.

Our Classifier product range extends the capabilities of Microsoft products and other solutions to allow users to apply relevant visual & metadata labels (protective markings) to messages and documents in order to enforce information assurance policies, raise user awareness of security policies and orchestrate multiple security technologies.

Benefits of data classification:

  • Increase user and organization awareness of the value and sensitivity of data.
  • Empowers users to take ownership and control of data.
  • Educates users by supporting adherence to corporate governance and data security policies.
  • Helps organizations comply with industry regulations and standards
  • Streamlines business processes - increasing efficiency and operational effectiveness
  • Reduces data management, archiving and storage costs
  • Prevents internal and external data leaks - reducing reputational and business risks.

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