ESG and SDG Impact

In 2021 the focus on Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) is anticipated as one of the most important trends for investors. Increasingly, company Investments must be considered responsible so that they comply with environmental, social and governance criteria called ESG.

For companies, it is key to act according to these because in this way they will achieve greater profitability for and commitment to society. With this approach we help business organizations, public administrations and other institutions to understand the economic, social, environmental, human (ethical), and cybernetic (5 dimensions) in which organizations have to carry out their activity, at a time of Change of Era in which hyperconnection and exposure is imperative. The lack of systemic intelligence can make these organizations incur unaffordable risks for their business model, as well as cause them to miss relevant opportunities to generate value for the company and the context in which it operates.

Therefore, in CALS we are aware of the growing need for organizations to adequately manage the risks that, in a broad sense, threaten their activity, the compliance of its objectives and regulatory and normative frameworks. In addition, international regulatory bodies are demanding that risk management should be incorporated into operational processes to ensure their control and proactively minimize their impact.

CALS is focused in this direction and, with its specialization in Information and Communication Systems and Technologies, offers its clients services, methodologies, tools and infrastructure that support and facilitate the Operational Risk Management of organizations and the Security of their Information and Communications Systems together with proactive compliance in a global and holistic manner as regards all the regulations applicable to each sector.

The implementation of the "immune system" in the organization is carried out through, among others the following offerings:

  • Purpose of the company. MTP.
  • Sustainability Integration.
  • Governance.
  • Audits and Risk Management.
  • Vulnerability Analysis.
  • Strategic and Operational Risk Management.
  • Risk Methodologies, Regulatory Compliance and Audit Methodologies, for the entire organization.
  • Regulatory Compliance Risk Management and Audits.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Sustainability Report.
  • Environmental Consulting.


GDS Implementation

CALS offers the possibility of guiding you during the implementation of the SDGs in your organization through the Pentana tool.

Download ODS Implementation with Pentana Brochure