Training and Awareness

CALS designs, organizes and provides courses and seminars, of a technical nature, related to the products and services it offers, within current information technologies and environments and according to the specific training needs of clients.

The people involved, individually or belonging to working groups should be able to identify complex problems and approach solutions from a global point of view. Management must be aware of the power of new technologies and manage their organizations in a Complex Environment, in a short, medium and long term (Systemic Prospective).

As experts in training, we advise our clients on which courses and seminars given by our organization are suitable for their staff. We understand that security begins with people being aware of threats and risks.

A wide range of courses are contemplated in different categories, such as the following:

  • Technological Training for Executives:
    • Data Science.
    • Artificial Intelligence.
    • Machine Learning.
    • Quantum Computing.
    • Risk and Security Management. 

  • Systemic Training:
    • Systemic Methodologies.
    • Maturity Models.
    • Systemic Prospective.