Consulting for Transformation

This activity aims to detect and analyse in detail the specific needs of each Organization for its Transformation in terms of its own Business Plans and Systemic Maturity, evaluating possible alternatives and solutions and defining a roadmap for the transition from a classic and obsolete organization towards a systemic organization.

Organizations today regardless of the sector of activity and their size are affected by the constant change caused by the context of the XXI Century Society.
We can define the situation as a "Change of Era" which affects essentially people and the Business Model itself.

The provision of this service is normally linked to the client's Business Plan, the objectives of the organization and its business strategy, contemplating Feasibility Plans, Quality Plans and others. It is supported by Systemic Methodologies and Maturity Models and on the Systemic Prospective.

The need to design and implement viable organizations is more urgent today than ever, since we are facing an environment of great political, economic, social, ideological and even climatic turbulence, which makes this type of studies necessary. This will also have to be multi, inter and transdisciplinary, that is to say, providing a systemic vision regarding the desired situation to be studied and its environment and taking into account all pertinent variables.

For viable organizations and infrastructure, we have the support of the CIBUC platform, which is oriented to offer integrated technological solutions with Collective Artificial Intelligence, for the resolution of complex problems.

This platform provides applications such as “digital valleys” that fully affect integrated and sustainable development, and has the potential to attract innovation, talent and investment to the rural world, to help put into practice the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda.