The Company
Computer Aided Logistics is a company established in 1997 and specialized in helping organizations for Transformation, from obsolete traditional concepts to systemic organizations providing solutions based on new organizational approaches and Solutions and Technologies for Integral Information Security, so that organizations are more resilient to crises and to the Change of Era.
Now and taking into consideration present and future systemic crises we have transformed ourselves in light of a growing demand to offer Consultancy for the Transformation of Organizations and to enhance our previous offer of Risk Management and IT Security.
Risk management and the identification of new opportunities in complex contexts are intrinsically linked to the transformation of an organization as a systemic one. 
We understand risk assessment as the cornerstone of systemic implementation.
Professional organizations like ISACA are already beginning to talk about systemic cyber risk.
The sustainability of organizations must primarily be based on the following: 
  • The values of the Organization.
  • The strength of the organization´s information and control systems.
  • The ability to respond increasingly faster to changes and risks.
  • The quality of the relationships and communication with its stakeholders.
To accompany organizations in their transformation processes imposed by the Change of Era in CALS we offer Consulting, Training, Knowledge and Implementation of Services and Products with our own teams or associated multidisciplinary teams and with experience in, among others the following disciplines:
  • Systemic Methodologies for the Transformation of Organizations.
  • Integrated Risk Management - (IRM) and identification of value generation opportunities.
  • Expertise and Cyber Audits.
  • Risk assessment and prevention models and identification of opportunities.
  • Training and Awareness for Managers (Systemic, Technological, etc.).
  • Logistics and Supply Chain.
  • Industrial, Civil, Hydraulic, Energy and Environmental Engineering.

The Company was established with the basic idea of presenting to the market a clearly differentiated alternative in those services and products that can be considered strategic for companies, supported by the new Information and Communication Technologies and with a systemic approach.
In addition, we are aware that it is essential to count on well-trained individuals when carrying out sophisticated technological projects, keeping in mind the aspects related to training and awareness at all levels of the organization.

To complement our activity CALS has signed cooperation and collaboration agreements with many of the most prestigious national and international companies, as well as with several educational institutions, to guarantee assistance and an appropriate level of service for the needs of our CLIENTS.

We understand that partial and short-term solutions that are counterproductive, are no longer valid, so we must think about holistic and integrated solutions, in the medium and long term.

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Computer Aided Logistics (CALS) Its purpose is the Consulting, Training and Adaptation of Technologies for the Transformation of Organizations in the economic, social, environmental, human and cybernetic fields, towards sustainable and sustainable human development, as well as the provision of professional sales services, consulting , developments and training, in the above areas and more specifically in the field of Transformation and Digital Security, for the private and public sectors, being able to carry out purchase, sale, rental, or representation of systems or components, physical or of national or foreign origin, as well as the maintenance and commercialization of the same - And any kind of legal activity that is related to the activities set out above.