MarkeScape offers a platform called SAGA for the monitoring, tracking, extraction and analysis of data from Hidden Networks and thus be able to inform and prevent clients about these movements that can cause very serious damage to the Organization.

In agreement with the client, a series of tracking keys are established for the specific monitoring of companies, brands, assets, products, people, locations, etc.

SAGA is a proprietary platform belonging to MarketScape, developed by its engineers over the last 10 years.

MarketScape SAGA main features : 

  • Detection of data exposure on the Dark Web.
  • Intelligence in the Dark Web.
  • Fraud and Counterfeit Detection.
  • Data Leak Prevention.

Steps / Functions (see figure below):


  • Collect data from open, deep and dark web with sophisticated automatic crawls and powerful predefined modules, such as Forums, Markets, News, etc.
  • Evaluate the perspective of critical information, automating intelligent workflows.

Data retention

  • Data is collected in near real time and is historically stored and indexed (for later searches) in customer-specific silos on the SAGA platform.

Data Filtering

  • Refine and categorize data using keywords and Artificial Intelligence to track company names, VIPs, Addresses, Domains, emails, IP numbers, passwords, trademarks, locations, assets, etc.


  • The analysis is carried out by MarketScape specialists, the Partner or the user himself to determine possible threats and their sources. This allows decision-making based on actionable intelligence for tactical investigations.

Report generation

  • Adapt, generate and distribute custom periodic reports and alerts to key employees or systems through custom report generators or API's with other tools.


  • Some actions that can be taken once the corresponding analysis has been done and before the reports provided, are the following:
    • Takedown.
    • More specific and targeted investigations.
    • Social engineering.
    • User specific actions.


Some MarketScape customers

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