Information Security and Risk Management
CALS offers a Catalogue of Services and Products that incorporates a systemic approach for Security and Risk Management in Organizations to help with their Transformation. For this we provide the following specific solutions:

  • IT and OT Technical Consulting

  • Distribution of Risk Management Solutions and Tools, and Audit, for the entire organization. CALSis the distributor for Spain and Portugal of:
    • GRC Solutions for integrated risk management, auditing and compliance, such as Pentana by Ideagen.
    • Classification and Data Protection Solutions, such as Classifier from Fortra.
    • Technological surveillance and data tracking of hidden networks (Deep web and dark web), such as SAGA.
    • Cybersecurity, Protection and isolation of internal networks. Vulnerabilities Cloud Security. eScan from Microworld.
    • Business Intelligence and Analytics.

  • Tools and methodologies in Information and Communication Systems Security.

  • CALS proposes a model of excellent security governance that involves the entire organization with a global approach, such as the Assets to be protected, with methodologies, tools and solutions that focus on information.

  • CALS provides the Walhalla and Global Cloud Factory platform to offer its Clients a Security platform, such as:
    • Alternative Processing and Backup Centres and Data Protection.
    • Contingency and Recovery and Business Continuity Plans in the event of a disaster.
    • Secure communications in emergency situations.