Mission and Objectives
MAKE AVAILABLE TO OUR CUSTOMERS the most advanced Technologies, Information and Communication Systems and Training, with a systemic approach.

Our goal is to understand the functions of Information and Communications Systems as a set of activities in which CALS works closely with its clients to achieve greater integration and efficiency, in order to make their business more profitable. The intention is to:
  • Help Organizations for Transformation through the systemic approach, for complex problems.
  • Satisfy the organization´s needs in terms of Resource Optimization and Productivity Increase.
  • Guarantee the Security of Systems, applying the appropriate methodologies and tools that comply with international standards from prestigious international Associations, to help in the implementation of the immune system in the organization.
  • Attend the needs of Clients, providing or selecting high quality products, services and technological solutions.
  • Help our clients to do business in other countries through our international relationships.


Incorporate Systemic Thinking in Organizations for their Transformation and for the behavior of People, given the complexity of the  Change of Era .


Accompany Organizations in the change processes imposed by the  Change of Era  through Consulting, Training, Knowledge and implementation of Tools.


Innovation based on experience. Collective Intelligence for the Age of Knowledge.
Encourage synergy between people in the face of individualism and reductionism.


 is a leading Business Consultant in Spain (IT, GRC, Cybersecurity and Logistics), having consolidated its position in the Market as an Integrated Services firm.

High added value services are offered basing our day-to-day activities on the quality of our work, being flexible and fast in providing answers and solutions at all times:

  • We adapt quickly to new situations
  • We work dynamically accepting the possible error and responding as quickly as possible to solve it, to have an excellent response capacity.
  • We are flexible: we adapt to work in various areas and teams.

Our goal is to understand that in the face of current and future systemic crises, in the 
 aforementioned Change of Era , there is an urgent need for organizations to transform through a systemic approach.

We are facing an era where sustainability and sustainability are required and it must be understood in the longer term.

Short-term and partial solutions no longer work and are even counterproductive