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Ideagen is a leading global provider of risk management software. With a first-class roster of international clients across many industries, it has the experience and solutions to help solve the specific needs of GRC.

Ideagen's star product is Pentana Audit for computerized support of Internal Audit projects and that supports the implementation of a corporate risk assessment and management system.

Established in 1992, its mission is to support auditors and other service organizations for their professional work, through the innovative use of technology.

Ideagen operates from the UK, with a global focus with offices located in the USA and Australia and with a wide network of distributors around the world.

It implements a consistent methodology that complies with international risk and auditing standards.

  • It simplifies the global deployment of the installation from a web and allows the automatic download of updates without the intervention of the users.
  • It optimizes performance for use across a broad spectrum of network speeds, as well as working locally, to offer a truly appropriate work environment for GRC professionals, being able to work centrally or locally.


Other features of Pentana:

Assists audit teams of any size by providing an integrated, consistent and efficient service for the entire organization.

  • It implements a consistent methodology that facilitates the review and interpretation of the results.
  • Meets international standards on risk and auditing.
  • Offers flexible audit plans through organizational structures and processes
  • It allows to carry out the audit work based on risks, identified in an integrated risk register.
  • It offers functionality for sophisticated business interaction through web, mail and electronic document access, for tracking users who need to respond to specific actions.
  • Internally there are many additional functionalities for users who have to interact and change roles in the context of the audit and risk management processes.
  • It allows to use a simple infrastructure so that users can generate notifications by mail, for different business objectives.
  • It has an integral functionality for the management of Audit milestones.
  • It offers flexible analysis that has a direct impact on management, allowing relevant incidents to be quickly understood and therefore responded to in less time and more efficiently.
  • It allows the configuration of business rules and screen layouts that can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of each client.
  • It uses a simple and intuitive "data grid" methodology for the quick and easy construction and production of detailed and accurate reports.
  • It offers notifications on the home screen type Dashboard, to capture the user's attention.
  • It uses a single interface with a modern desktop design that offers optimized performance over a wide range of Internet connection speeds.
  • It simplifies system deployment and management with automated installation from a website and enables automatic updates without user intervention.
  • Ensures compliance with the strictest security standards.
  • Supports multilingual support, including oriental languages.
  • Avoid the limitations of a web browser interface for daily audit work, using a 'smart client' approach.

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