Corporate Intelligence


The CIBUC Organization  Platform  is aimed at offering integrated technology solutions with  Collective Artificial Intelligence .

That is, the application of  Collective Brains  and Artificial Intelligence  for the solution of complex problems, with new technologies.

As an example of this application, in the II CISSTO the Presentation of  “digital valleys”  of the CIBUC organization was  carried out , as an example of Collective Artificial Intelligence, it fully affects integrated development with new technologies and has the potential to attract innovation , talent and investments to the rural world, to put into practice the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda.

Among others,  CIBUC  proposes the following concepts:
  • Teach to collaborate.
  • Automation of processes, tasks and operations.
  • Focus on the Customer.
  • Define digital strategy around objectives.

Recently, the Public Administration has hired the company Innovation Wars SL ( CIBUC)  to help understand the social transformations that the pandemic is causing, as well as the influence of science and technology in the management of covid-19.