CALS offers technological solutions for the Planning and Optimization of Warehouses, Distribution and Transportation, through consultancy and advice on installation and maintenance of logistics tools and products.

More specifically, solutions are offered for:

  • Integral Logistics Projects.
  • Design, organization and implementation projects of Distribution logistics Platforms (Internal Logistics).
    • Possibility of carrying out a global project of the Platform, including the technical project of the operation.
  • Logistics Diagnostics and Audits.
  • External Logistics Projects (Physical Distribution and Transportation).
  • Inventory Management and Stock Management.
  • Production Organization: Lean Projects.
  • Subcontracting and Outsourcing of logistics services.
  • Supply Management.

We also offer training in:

  • Integrated logistics.
  • Transportation.
  • Warehouses and distribution platforms.

This is in addition to any Course within the Supply Chain, tailored to any Company.