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Integrated Risk Management
(Good Governance, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance and Ethical Commitment and Good Practices)

Acuity is a leading global provider of risk management software, which also incorporates methodologies and solutions from the ISF, such as SoGP, IRAM, Benchmark, etc.

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STREAM is a software that allows the user to create their own GRC tool for Integrated Risk Management in real time. STREAM can be used in the simplest way, by a single user to meet the requirements of an application or a standard (ISO 27001, ISO 37000, PCI-DSS, ISO 9001, etc.), to another more complex such as the risks present in the Supply Chain, multi-user systems, or Business Continuity.

You can see in a schematic and detailed way which of your current level of risk exceeds the tolerance and acceptance that you have set for your business. Business unit managers can track material risks for their business objectives and responses to different risks.

 It supports the following requirements in an integrated way:

  • Risk management and evaluation.
  • Measurement and Management of Regulatory Compliance.
  • Management of actions to take.
  • Monitoring and alerts (Work Flow).
  • Reports.
  • More efficient GRC processes.
  • Better application of resources.
  • Low acquisition cost.
  • Less business interruptions.
  • Greater guarantees.
  • Strengthened reputation.

Regulatory Compliance Management

STREAM is easily configured with standard controls to measure and report on the status of regulatory compliance. Compliance data can be entered into STREAM directly by users, through off-line questionnaires, or imported from automatic entry applications. Users can create and assign actions to improve and track the status of these aspects using the STREAM workflow. Integrating risk management and compliance management STREAM allows to check how the compliance status can influence the risk status, weak compliance with critical aspects can cause high levels of residual risks. Incidents and mishaps can be recorded and linked to risk controls to drive necessary actions.


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