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SealPath has an innovative document protection solution for the protection of corporate information that allows companies to have their sensitive information under control and protected wherever it may be.

Your information is protected before sending or uploading it to the cloud, being stored wherever you want (on your computer, on a corporate file server, in a public cloud, etc.). 

solution for information protection basically allows you to have an “embassy” on someone else's computer: The document follows your orders even if it is on a device or infrastructure that you cannot control. It allows you to take action against employees that leave, teams that are lost, etc. 

is an IRM (Information Rights Management) solution that has the following benefits:

Protect your confidential information wherever it is
Keeps your documents encrypted and under your control wherever they are, even when they are beyond your control or the control of the IT department. It does not matter if they are stored on a USB, on an employee's home PC, on a provider's network, etc.

Avoid data leakage
The document always travels with a “shell” of protection that cannot be removed. You can control who has access to the document, for how long or even revoke access to the document remotely.

Control and visibility of critical corporate documents
SealPath monitors who accesses and when to access your important documents. You can monitor who outside your company has access to internal information, blocked access attempts, document checkouts, added users, etc.

Secure external collaboration
Even if you send the documents by email, share them through Dropbox or other public clouds, by USB, you will have the security that only whoever you want accesses and that you will be able to control access remotely.

Reduce risks and legal liability
By protecting your documents and controlling access to them wherever you are, you can avoid non-compliance with data protection regulations and the economic losses derived from them.

Management efficiency and easy to use
It allows you to protect with a simple drag & drop operation and using your usual work tools such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader. On the other hand, it relieves the administrator of the management of confidential information, allowing him to have control and the possibility of auditing accesses when he needs it. Sealpath can be integrated with information classification solutions, such as Boldon James, so that it is even possible to automate the protection of documents based on their classification.

The new functionality for safe viewing and editing in the browser enables companies using SharePoint or Office 365 to:
  • 100% secure management without agents of the most sensitive information: Users can trust SealPath to store, share, and modify files safely without requiring any type of software download.
  • Collaborate easily and securely with third parties: Users can collaborate on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, etc. in a secure web environment maintaining the company's confidentiality policies and the security of the information on the files on any type of device.
  • Facilitate the adoption of secure documents by users: Barriers or approaches to resistance to change that may arise in users when managing secure information are eliminated. Very simple to use, it does not impact normal workflows: If the user prefers access in the browser, they can do so, and also local editing with Office if it is more comfortable to work with the document on the desktop.
  • Automatic protection without user intervention: Once the administrator has decided to apply a protection policy to a folder, the user only has to save the documents they need there. They are immediately protected by uploading them to the system.
  • Monitoring, control, revocation: Of course, and as with other SealPath files, the company can decide who accesses, when and with what permissions. It is possible to see who is accessing, if someone tries to access without permission. And if at some point, you decide to restrict access to a document, this can be done, even if the documents have already been downloaded from Office 365 or SharePoint and are on a third-party network. 

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