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Cyber AI Platform solutions for cyber defense are based on the following modules: 

  • Enterprise Immune System - Darktrace's Enterprise Immune System learns about "patterns of life" to uncover unprecedented cyber threats, while providing complete visibility across your dynamic workforce - covering every corner of the network, from the Cloud and Saas applications to email or IoT devices. By using unsupervised machine learning, the Enterprise Immune System does not rely on learning data, preconceptions of 'what's wrong', or fine tuning to teach artificial intelligence what to look for. Instead, Darktrace technology learns 'on the job', developing a deep understanding of the 'DNA' of your business. This means that Darktrace technology identifies threats that old solutions bypass,


  • El Cyber AI Analyst- The Cyber AI Analyst is the world's first security analyst with artificial intelligence. Leverage the best insights from world-class security analysts to further automate the investigation process and enhance the role of security analysts. Using supervised and unsupervised machine learning, the technology automatically investigates threats at high speed and generates easy-to-read security reports, making it easy to make decisions in minutes. Cyber AI Analyst can intelligently correlate disparate data points across the digital enterprise, helping the security team to investigate threats more quickly and effectively. This technology saves up to 92% of time for analyst teams and currently performs more than 1,


  • Antigena network- Antigena Network is the only Autonomous Response technology in the world. This multi-award-winning solution takes action on behalf of the security team to contain cyber threats in seconds, before they escalate into a crisis. Like a digital antibody, Darktrace Antigena neutralizes threats in a highly targeted and precise way, allowing normal daily activity to continue uninterrupted. Autonomous Response technology has now become an essential part of the security stack and is capable of generating responses against insider threats, automated attacks, vulnerabilities in the Cloud, and many more. While human teams are out of the office or simply cannot respond to a threat quickly enough,


  • Antigena Email - Antigena Email is the only solution that analyzes emails in the context of the entire organization - not just email data. This enterprise-wide understanding enables you to detect malicious emails that bypass traditional perimeter defenses. For the first time, email defenses can effectively ask if it is strange for a user to receive an email of certain characteristics, taking into account what the system knows about the 'life patterns' of said employee, his colleagues and the entire organization; not only over email, but also in the Cloud and on the corporate network. 

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Darktrace Immune System - Detection and Response Based on

Self-Learning Darktrace AI: Combining Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning

Darktrace Cyber AI Analyst: Autonomous Investigations


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