Athina is a tool that supports new risk managment methodology. It allows the user to easily access and view data from various sources of Corporate Intelligence via a dash board made avaialble to each user.

Athina manages and assesses risks that may affect any company assets (information, physical assets, financial assets, human resources). It shows the impact that such risk could have at all organizational levels - finance, corporate image, fiscal or even the business continuity of the enterprise.

Athina provides integrated dash boards with customized views for each user, depending on the department. Based on available information Athina generates a risk map based on threats and can carry out security actuarial calculations based on the organization’s historical information.

Athina assists upper management to make decisions and keep itself informed. It provides a view of organizational risk in real time, helps to predict the impact of future risk, can simulate the impact that corrective action would have at different corporate levels and is able to quickly respond to any threats these might produce.

Athina changes the corporate mindset from what "current security measures tell us" (a dubious point) to "the data provided by Security inform us that" (facts). It is also able to reduce the amount of work from such distinct management systems such as SGSI (ISO27001), SGST (ISO20000) and so forth.

Kratos Software specializes in the development of risk management applications, security and online transactions. It is made up by a group of high-level professionals from the world of security and software development.

Its principal mission is the development of products that assist organizations to maintain secure corporate information and to develop their business online.

Kratos' principal product is Athina, a solution for the implementation of corporate intelligence and risk management systems. This is an application designed so that organzations can face security challenges and the competition they currently deal with.

Kratos Software is based in Madrid from which it provides global service to its customers.