The inherent insecurity by design of the Internet and the protocols that make up IP are the main cause of security breaches that cause attacks on IT and OT infrastructures in the past, present and, we fear, in the future.

As a protection and defense measure, Blue Ridge Networks has developed several solutions combining specific hardware and software that isolate networks creating inaccessible enclaves directly from the outside.

The LinkGuard platform  is made up of BorderGuard, a hardware device that guarantees the security of the entire platform, as well as  RemoteLink and EdgeGuard that extend security to offices or other remote locations and to remote users and devices that are isolated.

Isolates, contains and protects critical networks from unauthorized access and prevents lateral movement of attacks (malware). Establish seamless, reliable connectivity across geographically dispersed sites that can be centrally managed with granular control.

It can be deployed quickly to protect existing legacy systems, requiring little or no changes to equipment, networks, applications, or staff work habits.

How does it work?

  • Small hardware devices are placed in existing networks to isolate OT systems from IT systems and public networks
  • Devices are securely connected to allow isolated OT systems to continue to communicate, using their native protocols
  • Devices link sub-networks into a single network enclave that is totally isolated from all external communications
  • No communication can enter or leave an enclave
  • No changes required to OT systems within the enclave
  • They appear to be part of a single Ethernet network, although it can span long distances
  • OT systems within a single enclave can be segregated into separate VLANs
  • An organization can have multiple sites, each totally independent from the others.
  • An OT component can only be part of a single site
  • If multiple sites are connected, they become a single site

Competitive advantage:

  • Works with all industrial protocols
  • Does not require changes to existing network facilities; each secure enclave is an address space separate from all others and from the internet
  • Fully autonomous cryptographic system and management level
  • No dependencies on business systems or resources
  • No dependencies on public systems or resources
  • Designed to be a true defense-in-depth overlay system
  • It works in a transparent way and compatible with all existing cybersecurity systems
  • Designed to be delivered as an MSS (Managed Security Service), requires little or no involvement from IT or OT staff
  • It has never failed to protect a customer network

Industry Awards and Accolades:



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