BeOne Development is a leading provider of Awareness & Training programs and Risk assessment tools. Since its foundation in 1999 it has gained extensive experience in developing programs on compliance, information security and business continuity.

BeOne’s offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia are active in more than 90 countries and provide course material in more than 30 languages.

BeOne’s carefully designed templates can be fully customized to a company's look and feel and have been successfully applied to all major industrial sectors. The continuous awareness programs keep a company’s employees up-to-date using interactive multimedia learning experiences.

  • Programs of varied content and length in 30 different languages to help all levels of an organization to become more aware of security issues.
  • Security training for upper management.
  • Examples of content areas: social networks, protection of client information, information access control, clean desktop, understanding the risks of the Internet, email strengths and weaknesses, handling information while working from home, securing one’s work space, protecting information while travelling, working off-site.