Abatis (UK) Ltd. established in 2005, and based at the prestigious Royal Holloway University of London has developed a revolutionary, patent-pending host integrity solution: Abatis, to protect its clients' Windows and Linux devices from viruses and malware of all kinds without the need for constant signature file updates. With one installation a PC is protected immediately.

As an IT security specialist company, Abatis' philosophy is to focus its efforts on providing an effective and robust security solution, proactively protecting against virus and malware attacks.

Abatis is an innovative, patent-pending solution to prevent virus and malware infection without the need for virus pattern file updates. The Abatis concept is simple; if viruses and malware are rigorously blocked from reaching a computer then they cannot infect that computer.

Abatis is a simple concept that is realized by tested and time-proven implementation to recognised standards. Abatis provides the ultimate protection against virus and malware when, occasionally, conventional anti-virus solutions have failed to detect and stop those zero-day virus attacks.

Abatis' mission is to achieve a high degree of excellence in IT security and to be a market leader in security products by focused research and product development.

Videos for downloading:

CryptoLocker Demo

SDBOT part 1
SDBOT part 2

ADS Demo

UPX Demo