The world is going to be affected more every time by different threats and corporations must prepare to defend themselves.

This implies that an “immune system” hast to be implemented in organizations by the proper awareness, adequate design of methodologies and installation of the right and specific products.

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The concept of Risk management for Operational and Information Risks is redefining itself and implies changes for Organizations in the concept and scope of Risk Management.

This also means that security and risk management is a problem of “everybody” and is world-wide. Therefore we should talk about Physical and Logical security as an integrated problem, with which all the persons in the Organization should be involved to minimize all kinds of risks.

The concept of Risk is now linked more every day to the concept of added value to the business objectives of the organization.


Our objective is to understand the functions of IT Systems as an integrated set of activities to help our clients achieve a more integrated and efficient to help grow their business.

We combine business capabilities and technologies to help achieve business objectives with the solutions selected.

As consultants of Information security and GRC solutions we offer an integral service enabled by Computer Aided Logistics, S.L.; has reached agreements with various national and international organizations specialized in a range of solutions and specific products.

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Iranian cyber warfare commander reportedly shot dead

A commander of an Iranian cyber warfare unit has been shot dead outside the country's capital, according to multiple reports, with Iran's Revolutionary Guard calling it a "horrific incident."

Mojtaba Ahmadi was the victim and he was last seen leaving his home for work on Saturday, The Telegraph reports.

Ahmadi was later found dead outside of Tehran with two bullets in his heart, according to the Iranian news site Alborz.

"I could see two bullet wounds on his body and the extent of his injuries indicated that he had been assassinated from a close range with a pistol," a witness told the website.

Police said two men on a motorcycle were involved in the killing.

Officers of the Revolutionary Guard Cyber War Headquarters posted messages of condolence on their Facebook page and said Ahmadi was a commander in the unit, The Telegraph reports.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard - the country's elite military force - said the death was a "horrific incident," but denied that it was an assassination.

Source: Fox News