Dragonfly: Western Energy Companies Under Sabotage Threat
Sunday, 06 July 2014 09:00
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SYMANTEC announced on its website that a group of saboteurs known as Dragonfly is preparing actions to sabotage energy companies in USA and Europe using the Backdoor.Oldrea and the Troyan.Karagany.

 It is known that Dragonfly is operational since 2011, starting its activity against aviation companies of USA and Canada in early 2013, changing its attacks by sending emails with malware phishing to the employees in the energy sector selected companies.

According to Symantec itself, the most targeted country is Spain, followed by the USA.

Link to the news of Symantec

These attacks could have been avoided with Abatis HDF technology, which has been successfully tested against malware like Stuxnet or Shamoon.