The world is going to be affected more every time by different threats and corporations must prepare to defend themselves.

This implies that an “immune system” hast to be implemented in organizations by the proper awareness, adequate design of methodologies and installation of the right and specific products.

GRC Solutions

The concept of Risk management for Operational and Information Risks is redefining itself and implies changes for Organizations in the concept and scope of Risk Management.

This also means that security and risk management is a problem of “everybody” and is world-wide. Therefore we should talk about Physical and Logical security as an integrated problem, with which all the persons in the Organization should be involved to minimize all kinds of risks.

The concept of Risk is now linked more every day to the concept of added value to the business objectives of the organization.


Our objective is to understand the functions of IT Systems as an integrated set of activities to help our clients achieve a more integrated and efficient to help grow their business.

We combine business capabilities and technologies to help achieve business objectives with the solutions selected.

As consultants of Information security and GRC solutions we offer an integral service enabled by Computer Aided Logistics, S.L.; has reached agreements with various national and international organizations specialized in a range of solutions and specific products.

Computer Aided Logistics
Ideagen acquires mobile focused, EIBS Ltd
We’re pleased to announce Ideagen’s latest acquisition of the intranet and web content management firm, EIBS Ltd.

The acquisition of EIBS enables Ideagen to provide its GRC customers with mobile applications, intranet, extranet and web portals through a single, intuitive web based system.

For our GRC customers this will bring significant advancements to our existing product portfolio. The EIBS system, Easysite, will provide our customers with options for fully integrated document management, intranet and the ability to share and collaborate documents. Furthermore, this will facilitate the exchange of information across departments using both desktop and mobile solutions. Collectively, allowing improvements to the way that customers will be able to view and access information through the development of mobile applications.

Group Sales and Marketing Director, Ben Dorks, said:
"The combination of EIBS and Ideagen will enable the enlarged Group to rapidly develop new GRC applications for our key markets and we believe the acquisition provides an outstanding opportunity to our customers to improve the way they view and manage information."

To find out more about the latest addition to our GRC product portfolio or to request a demo, call us today on 01629 699100.


Who are Ideagen?

Ideagen is a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance software to organisations operating in highly regulated markets.

As authors of an excellent portfolio of software products, the Group is able to provide complete content lifecycle solutions that enable organisations to meet their regulatory and quality compliance standards, helping them to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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