Solutions for your Business
At CALS we are concerned with the evolution of Technology, the security of Information Systems and the future of our clients, so they can see new technologies as an ally and a strategic factor to develop their business. These new technologies, which support business processes, should be secure, and have the risks which they may bring must be managed in accordance with the specific needs of the business. This is why we offer solutions based on technology adapted to each client and taking into account the human factor.
If you are considering any aspect of Good Governance, Risk Management, or Compliance, we can help you with specific services and products. If, because of the economy you are seeing Information Security budgets cut, we offer solutions so your organization can maintain a proper level of security at a lower cost. There are solutions which do not re-invent the wheel, and which avoid wasting scarce internal and external resources.

Learn more about our company and how we can help you implement solutions for Risk Management, Information Security and Awareness. Learn about our complete range of services and products and see how we can make security and risk management become value-adds to your company and about how we can help you implement solutions for Risk Management, Information Security and Awareness.

Our objective is clearly defined to become the starting point in implementing more secure systems. Applying flexible and easy to use technologies to improve the security of information systems, we incorporate internationally accepted standards, methodologies and good practices.

These solutions allow us to have technology interchange, training and business opportunities between, Latin America and Europe, which we can also offer our clients.

We are the Agents of the Information Security Forum for Spain, Portugal and Latin America and we also distribute software products specialized in supporting Risk Management and Security for Information Systems.

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